Against Bullying - Mini eBook - Pledge $1

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Can $1 change the world? Heck Yes! Join our campaign to become one of the first 1 million pledge ambassadors. We can do this! One pledge and one dollar at a time!

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  • Pledge $1 and freely distribute this mini eBook (PDF) to anyone and everyone!

This package includes:

  • A signed e-copy of the anti-bullying artwork created for this story
  • A signed e-copy of an artistic headshot of Michael Kalistchuk
  • Properly formatted mini eBook for viewing and printing at home
    • Works on Android, iOS, Desktop and Tablet (PDF)
  • A signed Certificate of Gratitude with Michael's coveted RED SEAL

    50% of proceeds support anti-bullying programs

    *Those who impact Michael's life receive the RED SEAL of Gratitude.